Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eco Rocket

I'm a car guy. I hate to admit it, but if I happened upon some money, I would be sporting a banshee of a car. The combination of design, performance and engineering makes me drool. Cars always have been a thing for me.

In this day and age, it is not politically correct to lust after, or own high performance vehicles. This is especially the case with us spandex wearing triathletes. We are supposed to ride bikes on our daily commute. When we are forced into motorized personal transportation, we need to drive a homely compact powered by kitten farts, or a Toyota Prius.
A couple of years ago, Audi was running away with Lemans victories. Domination of their sport was getting boring for the folks at Audi, so they decided to play around with it. In 2006, Audi developed and raced a Lemans with a diesel. The oil burning engine did not stop them from continuing their reign over Lemans.

Audi, the purveyor of clean Bauhaus looking TT's and tasteful designed sedans decided to take their Lemans victory to the street with a sports car on the chassis of it's Lamborgini Gillardo cousin. Everyone loved the R8 and Audi continues it's climb up the prestige car ladder.

As an experiment for the Detroit Auto Show, they decided to place a V12 diesel engine in their new R8 sports car. Supposedly, it will go 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, 186 miles per hour, while getting 26 miles per gallon and producing zero emissions. If they produce it we can go like stink and still be green. It is good to see eco friendly cars have already found a way to be truly lust worthy. Add this one to my lottery list.
I wonder if you can order a bike rack?

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swimshady said...

Sweet ride. Personally I'd rather be cycling behind one of these in traffic instead of the ones with the kitten farts.