Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Hay Is In The Barn

This weekend was my last hard training weekend of for the South Carolina Half. Yesterday was a fifty mile ride and today was a 24mile ride/12 mile run combo. The later part of today was full of naps. In fact, any time I was not training this weekend, it seemed like I was napping. They call this point of training "the razor". I have pushed my body as hard as I need to at this point, now it is time to recover.

The next two weeks I will need to hold myself back from training and eating. Training ramps up the eating, but when the training ends, the appetite does not. Most of what I do will for the next couple of weeks will involve keeping loose and keeping speed.

Let the taper period begin!

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Dave McGhee said...

I read "the Hay is in the barn" and thought you were writing about the one on the way... I guess you would say the "one in the oven". Oh well. keep up your blog. I enjoy reading it every week... Well when you write that is... Later...