Monday, June 09, 2008

Strictly Running

Well, with all the changes taking place in my life, I am going to take a break from triathlons and focus on my running. Really, running is my first passion and I can accomplish more in the little time I have by running, than trying to do all three sports.

It is hard for a race to go by and my name not be part of the results and I may do another couple of triathlons before the end of the year, but my main focus is going to be to build up my endurance for another marathon and to qualify for the Boston Marathon, which means running a marathon under 3:15.

My most important priority lies with getting my son started off right, keeping his momma happy and getting things ready for our move. Once I manage to get things right in those areas, then I will be able to have disposable time to devote to triathlon training.

The sport of triathlon is a big love of mine, but it is an enhancement to my life. I don't want to cross any lines where it is a hindrance to it.

I am so proud of the folks in the inaugural Strictly Running Triathlon Team. Every week, our new triathletes are making gains and pushing themselves to new heights. They are really enthusiastic about them sport and what they are accomplishing. It will be fun to watch them cross that line, knowing they are triathletes. Thanks to Steve, John and the whole crew for giving this opportuninty to share something that has meant a lot to me.

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