Sunday, December 03, 2006

You Might Be A Tri-Geek If:

A Tri-Geek is a term used to describe when a triathlete's efforts pretty much envelope the rest of their life, to the point where it becomes an obsession. Triathlon can be such a complicated sport and some people really revel in that, those are the real tri-geeks. Here are sone sure fire signs you might be a tri-geek as compiled by various members of Am I guilty of anyy of these? I would not tell you if I was!

A hot girl goes by on a bike and you check the bike out first.

Your idea of a nice relaxing evening is just you, your bike and some cleaning solvents.

Your bike cost more than your car.

The guys at the gym have seen you naked more in the last six month than your wife has.

You say "on your left" when you go past people in the grocery store. ...

You no longer have underwear, only "baselayer." ...

You consider body hair a disease.

Your friend invites you for a bike ride and you bring running shoes for the "run off the bike"

You always have a bike pump, running shoes, gu, towel, swim cap & goggles in your car

You carry a picture of your bike in your wallet.

You record your heart rate during bowel movements.

you own more shoes than your wife, but each of them has a specific "purpose".

When you bring your bike on the honeymoon.

A marriage counselor has to settle your argument as to whether bikes are works of art that should be prominently displayed in the living room.

You insist the paramedics check your bike for fractures before they look at your bleeding head.

You have mastered the art of peeing while riding a bike.

You have a Ken doll chest because you shave it and your nipples have chafed off.

You do laundry at three times a week. Twice with bike/run gear and once for the rest.

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